I miss writing on here. One day, I tell you. One day.

Probably one day in April.

The Most Disappointing iPhone 5 Review You’ll Read

So this was the plan:

•Buy Samsung Galaxy SIII
•See if I like Samsung Galaxy SIII
•Write review of Samsung Galaxy SIII
•If experience is unsatisfactory, buy iPhone 5 as a fallback 
•Write iPhone 5 review 

And that’s how it played out, at least until the last step. For all of my usual techno-fervor, I haven’t been able to bring myself to write a review of the iPhone 5. I’ve been very busy, yes, but that hasn’t stopped me from publishing unneccesary reflections on Doctor Who episodes.

So why the lack of enthusiasm?

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The Doctor Who Review: Episode 5 – “The Angels Take Manhattan”

The Story: A pleasant day-trip to present-day New York is derailed when Rory, while fetching coffee, is mysteriously knocked back in time. The Doctor and Amy give chase, finding Rory–as well as River Song– in 1930s Manhattan. They quickly discover that Weeping Angels have taken over the city’s statues and have set up their own house of horrors where they can feed on the time energy of helpless passers-by. And there’s a room with Rory’s name on it.

Reaction: I’m two weeks late on this one. For one, there is a lot to break down in this episode, and with no new episodes until Christmas, I figured I could take my time. Secondly, I usually only review after I watch an episode a second time. And while “Angels Take Manhattan” was fantastic, I wasn’t in any hurry to watch this one again. 

First off, the Weeping Angels … excellent choice for this final chapter. This is only our third encounter with them in the Doctor Who TV world, but each appearance is a benchmark. Their mysterious nature and haunted house-style scares set them apart from the rest of the Whovian rogues gallery. That said, this was perhaps the weakest of their three outings. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think some of the mystery has worn off. While we still don’t completely know their motivation, we know what they do and roughly how they’re going to do it. Also, in this case, they take a back seat to the ending we know is coming. But more on that later…

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